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Product And Service

TK Services

Over 20years of experience and expertise in Design ,supply and installation of telecommunication towers world wide construction of wireless communication towers maintenance and civil engineering projects inspection.

Pakistan Ufone Tk Project

Project Scale: 103 wireless base stations,77 rectangle towers,15 Single pole towers,11 roof towers,80 brick switch rooms, 14 simply equipped switchroom, 9 outdoor switch rooms.

Work Content: Basic and auxiliary construction, installment and commissioning for main equipment,such as basic construction, tower installment, electric supply, line attachment, power and air conditioner.
Zambia ZAMTEL GSM TK project—phase 4

In 2011, Zambian telecom operator invested in this project for GSM and UMTS, which is crucial in increasing enhancing its core competitiveness. Therefore, demanding in construction quality. the local operator was very demanding in construction quality.

This project covers equipment and complete equipment Installment for 300 civil construction TK stations. 21 civil construction stations without iron towers and other 400 stations.

Transmission Networks

We have rich experiences, and could provide integrated solutions on transmission networks, including planning, purchase, design, construction, supervision, network restructuring, optimization, maintenance, and joint; meanwhile, we have strategic partnership with many domestic and international equipment suppliers. We could provide rapid, secure, stable, and global-leading transmission networks for customers as well as personnel trainings.
Equatorial Guinea Solution of the Backbone.

The project constructed 1600km 24-core fiber optic cable. The project constructed 517-km new communication pipes and set up 55 stations and offices of various types.

Algeria OFC backbone network project 

The building length of the pipeline is 2175.1 km. The   project passes many cities and a large area of desert. The pipeline covered four cities Ouargla、Deb Deb、In Amneas、Ilizi. Considering the lager area of desert , we used integrated construction to lay optic fiber.

IDC Services

As China’s top service provider for information and media operators, China Comservice is capable to provide integrated service in all the sections of network construction for overseas customers, including the turnkey service in survey and design, equipment purchasing, project construction, equipment installation, equipment adjustment, project management, and network optimization. We could also provide project financing service for customers.
Given our close cooperation with major equipment suppliers, we could offer the best global purchasing prices.

GHANA Data center installation project

Given to the highly integrated core system, we shall guarantee the continuous and stable running of the data center. The computer room is the basic facility of the information system, bearing the overall security and stability of the system. Complete all the project design, including the floor planning, comprehensive wiring system, network cabinet system, network monitoring system, UPS power supply system, power environment monitoring system, grounding and lightning protection system, air-conditioner system, and fire fighting and alarm system.

ICT Services

apply information and network technology, computer, internet and IOT in the monitoring, production, remote control, and security of governments and enterprise. Realize automatic control and information office to improve government and enterprise efficiency, and reduce costs. set up a smart integration system for some area through the technologies in modern communication network, computer, multi-media, automatic control, IC card, and the effective transmission network.

Equatorial Guinea monitor control of president house

a total of monitoring points more than 500, camera more than a thousand, covering Bata City three presidential palace, and Bata city part of the region, total amount more than 1000 million yuan.